Our Team


Ryan Legary, B.Sc., P.Eng.

 An engineering and environmental consultant with 25 years of experience in planning, regulatory approvals, assessment, civil design, construction and reclamation. Combines detail oriented, analytical aptitude and technical expertise with creative interdisciplinary, collaborative approach and strong project management, communication, and team leadership skills. Experience includes government infrastructure, oilsands, mining, oil and gas, alternative/renewable energy and other primary resource industries.


Suppliers & Subs

Our suppliers include a diverse range of multi-disciplinary consultants and service providers in the engineering and environmental consulting industry. We work together with them to deliver a collaborative solution with integrated services


Team Approach

Detailed, analytical problem-solving

Multi-disciplinary and integrated services

Strong communication and management.

Focused on scope, budget, schedule, deliverables, and quality.

Pragmatic and experienced design and field judgement.

A collaborative approach.